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  LPE Civic Association 

an all-volunteer nonprofit organization serving the LPE residents since 1975 

 Serving the LPE Community Since 1975 
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Pasco County Resources:  

Learn about Pasco County  & Governmental Agencies

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 Pasco County Customer Contact Card

 Customer Service: (727) 847-2411

 After Hours Non-Emergency: (727) 847-8102 

Supervisor of Elections Office: (352)521-4323

Link to Pasco County CODE OF ORDINANCES  (last updated 1/2023)

Lake Padgett Estates Resources: 

Download Copy of ISD 2020 Updated Rules & Regulations for LPEISD Parks 

Click Here for ISD Board Candidate Qualifying information for 2024  General Election 

Certain community documents such as Decal and Gate Passes Request and community documents are available for viewing and download from our Members Only Section or directly from our paid management company. Active LPE Civic Association Members can access the Members Only section by logging in with their email associated with their LPECA profile.

KNOW THE RULES:  Outside of our parks & recreational areas Lake Padgett Estates is governed by the rules, regulations, and ordinances of Pasco County.  Below are some of the most commonly referenced county regulations & ordinances in our community*: 

SECTION 530. - SUPPLEMENTAL REGULATIONS    Link to full Section 530 of the Pasco County Municode 

  • Section 530.4. - Private Swimming Pools     Link to Code
  • Section 530.5 - Parking & Storage of Recreational Vehicles  Link to Code
  • Section 530.8. - Accumulation of Debris; Property Maintenance  Link to Code
  • Section 530.13. - Waterfront Property   Link to Code
  • Section 530.16. - Parking and Storage of Commercial Vehicles and Commercial Equipment in Certain Residential Areas Prohibited   Link to Code
  • Section 530.18. - Temporary Use of Portable Storage Units  Link to Code
  • Section 530.19. - Use of Dumpsters in Residentially Zoned Property  Link to Code

Chapter 18 ARTICLE III. - BUILDING PERMITS   Link to Ordinances

    Chapter 42 - ENVIRONMENT[1]    Link to Ordinances 

    Chapter 74 - PEDDLERS AND SOLICITORS[1]   Link to Ordinances 

    Chapter 66 - OFFENSES AND MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS[1]    Link to Ordinances 

    Effective as of April 2020 vacant or rental properties must be registered with Pasco County. Learn what, when, and who this County Ordinance applies by clicking on link below:  


    *This section was last updated 1/2023

    General Community Information, Resources, and Documents

    ATTENTION:  Residents and Title Companies - Look here for information that may provide you resources regarding our local rules & regulations, why we are not an HOA.  Be sure to read "Deed Restrictions & Pasco County Ordinances" article and "Golf Cart Resolution and Regulations" for our resident's that plan to use their golf carts within the community. 

    The LPE Civic Association holds the position that since the Lake Padgett Estates original deed restrictions expired, (see "Deed Restrictions & Pasco County Ordinances" article) it is necessary for residents to follow and adhere to the Pasco County Ordinances and Regulations.  These ordinances help our community to achieve a simple and basic standard of living for a more peaceful and comfortable lifestyle while protecting property values for everyone.

     Forms and requests related to the LPE Independent District can also be accessed by contacting the LPEISD's District Manager, Lynn Hayes with our paid management company: Rizzetta & Company   Sean Craft, District Manager from Rizzetta    phone   (813) 994-1001    email 

     KNOW When You Need a Building Permit:   ARTICLE III. - BUILDING PERMITS

    • Sec. 18-36. - Permit required.

      -(a)Permits are required as stated in this code and the Florida Building Code. The following activities require a building permit unless exempted in writing by the Building Official: erection, construction, alteration or repair of a building, structure, electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system.

      (1)Permits are required for sheds and similar outbuildings.

      (2)Permits are required for the construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, or demolition of any dock or seawall.

      (3)Permits are required to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, and remove, electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system on a dock or seawall.

      (4)Permits are required to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, or demolish impact-resistant walls, coverings, or other similar fabrications on docks or seawalls (where allowed by the Land Development Code).

      (5)For proposed docks or seawalls to be located at the dead end of a canal or where lot lines converge, the permit applicant shall provide proof of compliance with the maximum projection and location regulations in Section 1001.5 of the Land Development Code, in the form of a survey at the time of application, and again upon completion of construction.

      (b)Permits are not required for fences without concrete footers, soffit and fascia, painting, minor drywall repairs, kitchen remodels that do not involve electrical or plumbing, mailboxes, and the work identified as exempt from permits in section 105.2 of the Florida Building Code.
      (c)Failure to obtain a required permit prior to commencing, or allowing commencement of, any of these activities is a violation of this code. Engaging in, contracting for, encouraging, assisting, procuring, or performing work requiring a building permit without such permit is a violation of this code. Failing to obtain a building permit for work previously undertaken without a permit, when such permit was required is a violation of this code. This section also applies to persons who purchase or otherwise obtain land or a structure upon which there is an existing violation where work was performed without the required permit and who, after a warning, fail to obtain an "after-the-fact" permit to cure the violation or to demolish or restore the structure to its original condition in order to cure the violation.
    •  "After-the-fact" permits are not required for:  

      (1)Sheds under 250 square feet and aboveground pools, when these structures were erected prior to January 1, 1995; and

      (2)Any structure, work or condition for which a permit would have been required, when such structure, work or condition was completed prior to January 1, 1985.        (Ord. No. 07-20, § 1, 9-11-07; Ord. No. 19-13, § 3, 3-26-19)

    Deed Restrictions & Pasco County Ordinances 

    Pasco County Code of Ordinances Resource 

    Pasco County Paving (Roadway) Documents, Forms and Info

    2016 Proposed Minimum & Guidance Levels Lake Padgett -Southwest Florida Water Management District 

    List of Subdivisions that comprise LPE & LPE ISD boundaries

    MAP of Lake Padgett Estates Civic Association and ISD

    Land Development Codes - Pasco County 

    2019 Legislative Agenda- Pasco County 

    What happened on Bell Lake Road:

    February 2004 Bell Lake Road Extension Study: Alpine Road to Collier Blvd

    Understanding Capital Improvement Plans (CIP's)  *See page 157  Bell Lake Road Safety Improvement Plan 2018-2022 

    Bell Lake Road Proposed Streets and Sidewalks

    2011 Bell Lake Road Preliminary Study -Pasco County Board of Commissioners

    New Subdivision Approved Off of Bell Lake Road 

    Links of Interest:

    External Link to the Pasco County Government website

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