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We continue to upgrade our infrastructure and certain pages may not be fully set-up  or operational.  We thank you in advance for your patience and continued support!  Please note:  you must be a member and logged-in to access the Members Only Section and Directory Listing.  Membership is based on addresses and you must live within the boundaries of Lake Padgett Estates to use our lakes and parks. 

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Lake Padgett Estates slideshow:  

   1. Lake Saxon Sunset-LPE Resident R. Cox      2. Laird Park/East Lake Event-Civic Association Annual Resident Appreciation Day (April 2019)

   3. Civic Assoc. Annual Resident Appreciation Day TampaBay Water Ski Show Team performs-Laird Park  (April 2019)      4. Kaminski Park & Stables-Lake Padgett Estates

   5,6, & 7. Resident's Trunk or Treat Event 2019 -Lake Saxon Park

Upcoming events

Are you interested in volunteering with your neighbors and fellow LPE residents?  Join the LPE Civic Association and learn how you can help out. Whether you can offer only a little of your time occasionally or you'd like to volunteer to serve on a committee or perhaps work your way up to serving on the board- we all benefit when we help one another. Let us know if you're interested. Email us at  

STREET LIGHTS OUT?  Reporting a streetlight that is out is easy. Help us to light up our streets and walkways by following instructions from Duke Energy Website at  Streetlight Repair Request 

WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER?  For your safety and to allow your home to be quickly located in case of an emergency all house numbers on mailboxes and driveways must meet Pasco County Code requirements. Numbers must be attached to the home and located near the front entrance.

Community News & Updates: 

County Ordinances & Code: 

We Need Your Help!

CODE VIOLATIONS: It's everyone's responsibility. Be part of the solution and not the problem. Know the County Codes! Help educate others, maybe help a neighbor in need, or ask for help yourself, talk to a neighbor or contact Pasco County Code Enforcement and file a complaint. 

The LPE Civic Association's position on our community code enforcement is that when the LPE's original deed restrictions expired many years ago, it required the LPE residents to be governed and the community would now need to adhere to the Pasco County Ordinances. These County Ordinances allow for  our community to maintain a basic standard for all properties within our community. These standards are made and enforced by the county and supported by the LPE Civic Association. These standards also help to protect property values for everyone. Know the codes...follow the codes!

 Learn more at:  

Common Code Violations for Pasco County:  Check out the list below

Common Code Violations

Inoperative / Unlicensed Vehicle(s)
Sec. 106 - Article III
Unmaintained Swimming Pool
Sec. 18-103
Unsecure Swimming Pool
Sec. 530-4 (PDF)
Trash, Junk, and Debris
Sec. 530-8 (PDF)
Overgrown Property
Sec. 42-1
Illegal Dumping
Sec. 90-1
Permitted Use
Refer to LDC
Sec. 1003 (PDF)
Sec. 66 - Article IV

How the Code Violation Notice Process Works

Inspections are made resulting from complaints received. Once a complaint is received, an exterior property inspection is conducted based upon the complaint. If the complaint is valid, a violation notice is issued to the owner of the property. 

If a violation notice is issued, the County gives the property owner time to make corrections. If violations are not corrected, and after consultation with the County Attorney's Office, legal proceedings can be initiated against the property owner.

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